Electronic transaction service for actors in the healthcare sector

Navisec Health is a secure communication service intended for healthcare professionals and their customers. The service allows companies to shift from traditional processes to digital services. Read about the properties and ask for additional information!


Strong authentication of customers

The identity of the customer will be authenticated at registration by either the customer or by the professional. The customers can use online banking information or a mobile certificate to authenticate themselves. The healthcare professional can also identify the customer using traditional means, such as an identity card or a driver’s license.

Secure communication

The messaging function allows the customer to communicate with the professional in a secure manner. Images, attachments and requests for filling out a form can be attached to the messages. For instance a request to fill out a form for initial information can be sent to the customer via a message.


Electronic forms help with collecting information from customers. Such forms include initial information, risk factor questionnaires, activity measurements or pain measurements. The easy to use editor allows the creation of new forms. Users will also have access to a form library with ready made forms available for use. The formula function allows statistical data to be read from the forms. This can be used to, for instance, estimate the effectiveness of the treatment.


Thanks to the API interface the service can be integrated into other information systems within your company. The integration would allow login into the service using the login information of another system, for instance. Another system can also fetch data from the service using the interface and present it in the user interface of the other system. Request additional information on the integration possibilities.



15 € user / month

+ Start fee 250 €


  • Strong authentication of customers *
  • Secure communication
  • Forms
  • Integrations


Coming soon
  • Strong authentication of customers *
  • Secure communication
  • Forms
  • Integrations
  • Courses
  • Documentation
  • Training programs
  • Planning tool

* 0,27 € per authentication

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